Thursday, 25 January 2018

Child Proofing Checklist

Are you sure that you have done all the important things to keep your child away from any misfortune and you are quite confident that your home is now completely baby proofed? If yes, then wait! There might be a few things that you may have forgotten. Keep reading this article and go through the below checklist to make sure that your home is completely child proofed.

Ensure that the baby crib meets all the safety standards and also, pull the crib away from window and put all the cords away from the crib.

Use the child proof locks on all the cabinets that are in reach of your baby.

Install the window guards where you think that the baby can reach easily.

Introduce all the safety latches and locks in bathroom.

Keep the toilet locked to ensure that the little kids can't get in them or they can't reach any cabinet that contains medicines or some other dangerous things.

Make sure to call a plumber to install an anti-scald device for the for the showerhead and faucets.

Keep the water temperature up to normal to avoid any burns.

Lock all the stove knobs to keep them away from your baby.

Keep the kids away from lighting stove burners by utilizing the knob covers.

Put the cover in the dustbin or garbage disposal.

Lock all the drawers containing blades, scissors, and any kind of sharp utensils, also, keep kids out of any cupboards that contain the cleaners.

Cut window-blind ropes or on the other hand, utilize internal cord stops with the goal that baby can't get trapped.

Make sure to place the covers on the unused outlets. However sliding covers are the best, as the push-in ones can be hauled out and conceivably gagged on.

Introduce corner and edge safety guards or bumpers. 

Utilize doorstops and door holders as it will shield little fingers from being squashed or squeezed in the doors.

Replace your telephone with the cordless telephones, in the event that you haven't as kids can easily get tangled in telephone chords.

In case you have pool in your home then make sure to install a 5 ft high fence around its corners. Ensure that the way to the pool has a child proof lock that keeps kids from entering alone however it should get opened rapidly by a grown-up.

So, these were a few things that should be in the checklist if you want to keep the whole home child proof. Make sure that you have completed all of them otherwise your naughty babies can put themselves in trouble.